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Tronfy TP60 LCD LED Pico Projector, Multimedia Video Projector with USB AV SD HDMI VGA Port for Game iPhone Android Smartphone, HDMI Cable Included

Price: $79.99

TP60 TP60Plus TP60M

    • TRONFY LCD Mini Projector is designed for home theater movies and video games in dark condition, NOT recommended for PPT or business or teaching presentation.
    • Projection Distance: 4.9~13ft; Projection Size: 49~130 inches; It is recommended to project at 4.9~6.5ft for image size of 49~80 inches to obtain better movie experience.
    • Native Resolution: 800x480; Supports 1080p, 720p, 1080i HD resolutions; Contrast Ratio: 1000:1; Brightness: 1000 lumens
    • Multifunction Interfaces: HDMI/ USB/ SD/ VGA/ AV/ Earphone slots, can be connected with PC/ Laptop/ Desktop/ TV/ DVD/ PS3/ PS4, etc. You will need a wireless HDMI dongle (NOT included) to connect to your iPhone/ iPad or Android smartphone; Please choose the right signal source while connecting your device with projector.
    • 1 Year Warranty, please feel free to contact us for more detailed user manual and help, we will reply within 24 hours; Also, please download and refer to the “User Guide” and “User Manual” below in the “Technical Specification”.


•Imaging Technology: TFT LCD 

•Brightness: 1000 Lumens 

•Contrast: 1000:1 

•Resolution: 800*480RGB 

•Light: LED 

•Life Span: 30,000 hours 

•Lens: Multichip Coated Lens(F=125) 

•Operation Mode: Manual Operation 

•Throw Distance: 1.5-4m 

•Screen Size: 49-130 inches 

•Support Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9

•Color Reproduction: 16.7K 

•Keystone: Manual correction ¡à15¡ã 

•Power Voltage: 100V-240V-50/60HZ 

•Integrated watt: 50W(Max) 


•Output: 3.5mm earphone/USB(5V-500MA) 

•Speaker: 8|¸ x 2W 

•System Support: Support multi-media 

•Language Support: Support 23 Languages 

•Unit Size: 7.4x5.77x2.13in 

•Projector Ratio: 1.4:1 

•Net Weight: 2.05 lb 

Package Contents: 

• 1 x Projector 

• 1 x HDMI Cable

• 1 x AV-in Cable 

• 1 x Remote Controller (battery is not included) 

• 1 x Power Adapter 

• 1 x User Manual
Please click here to download TRONFY TP60 Trouble Shooting

Projector Maintenance

Your projector needs little maintenance to keep working at its best. You may need to clean the projection window and obstacle sensor periodically, and clean the air filter and air vents to prevent the projector from overheating due to blocked ventilation. The only parts you should replace is remote control batteries. If any other part needs replacing, contact professional technical staff.


Warning: Before cleaning any part of the projector, turn it off and unplug the power cord. Never open any cover on the projector, except as specifically explained in this manual. Dangerous electrical voltages in the projector can injure you severely.

Warning: Do not try to service this product yourself, except as specifically explained in this manual. Refer all other servicing to qualified servicers.

Cleaning the Projection Window

Clean the projection window periodically, or whenever you notice dust or smudges on the surface.

  • To remove dust or smudges, gently wipe the projection window with lens-cleaning paper.
  • To remove stubborn smudges, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the projection window.

Warning: Do not use a lens cleaner that contains flammable gas. The high heat generated by the projector lamp may cause a fire.


Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue.

Cleaning the Projector Case

Before cleaning the projector case, turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.

  • To remove dust or dirt, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. Do not spray liquid directly on the projector.


Do not use wax, alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, or other chemicals to clean the projector case. These can damage the case. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue.


What can I do to help my projector lamp last longer?

For projectors that are used under normal operating conditions (no more than three to five hours per day in a clean, relatively dust-free environment) the lamp will have the greatest likelihood of lasting through its entire rated lamp life. Heat buildup can reduce lamp life and even damage your projector. Here are some tips to help your projector lamps last longer:

  • Do not allow the projector to become overheated by ensuring that there is adequate clearance near the intake and exhaust vents; the number one cause of lamp failure is excessive temperature stress.
  • Allow the projector lamp to cool for at least 10 minutes after powering down, and never move the projector during this period or while the lamp is on. The lamp is much more susceptible to damage while it is hot.
  • Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment to prevent clogging of fans and air filters
  • Clean air filters every 3 months or more often if there is a lot of dust or contaminants in the room.
  • Striking the lamp ages the lamp as it causes slight changes to the shape of the electrodes that light the lamp, so light up your projector when you're ready to use it and avoid frequent on and offs.
  • Avoid shock to the lamp or projector.Allow the projector fan to turn off after you power down and before you unplug the projector. The only exception to this is a projector that is designed to keep the fan turning for a brief period after removing power.
  • Never leave a projector in very hot or very cold environments, for example in a car on a summer or winter day.

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