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Tronfy Magnetic Lock C-Safe Pocket Lock Anti-Theft Anti-Drop Waterproof Physical Safety for Phone / Wallet Prevent Pickpockets & Phone Drops

Price: $19.99
    • SECURE – C-Safe pocket lock is a patented world's first mechanical lock that can physically protect your phone and valuables from pickpockets or dropping. Anti-theft! Anti-Drop! Anti-Loss!
    • EASY-TO-USE – Just slide down your phone into your pocket, then the phone will lock to the fabric of your pocket automatically.
    • SMALL and CONVENIENT - C-Safe Pocket Lock is ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight, so nobody will notice that you’re using one - not even yourself! Furthermore, it is entirely mechanical, no battery, GPS and Bluetooth needed, so you don’t have to worry about charging it or any technical hassles.
    • WATERPROOF - C-Safe Pocket Lock is water resistant, so you can wash your clothes without removing the magnetic pocket lock.
    • WIDE APPLICABILITY - C-Safe Pocket Lock is compatible with all devices: Android/ iOS/ iPhone 7 7plus 6s 6s plus/ Samsung s6 s7 s8 /Huawei/LG/Mi, also any valuables in your bags and pockets.
Ever been pick-pocketed? Ever dropped your phone or wallet from your pocket?
Here comes the inventive C-Safe pocket lock, the world's first anti-theft and anti-drop solution that truly would protect our valuables from pickpockets. 

C-Safe Pocket Lock is sleek and simple on the outside, it is made of strong polycarbonate, a material that's 2x stronger than ABS, and will give you reliable protection in high quality. Furthermore, it is entirely mechanical, so you don’t have to worry about charging or any technical hassles. 

How to use? 
1. Install the Lock and Lid in your pocket by clamping them to the fabric. 
2. Slide down your phone into your pocket, as usual, the phone will lock to the fabric of your pocket automatically. 
3. To unlock your phone, just need to push down your phone with a firm push at a custom angle set by you. The whole procedure takes less than 1 second. 

Don’t worry! 
The magnetic components are proven to be harmless to phones through our extensive tests over 12 months on different phones and the product has passed a number of reliability tests with no reported issues. 

1.As it's new produced from factory, operation of the groove thrust will be relatively tight, please try a few more times. 
2. Please ensure the application surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the Link. The VHB adhesive is a single use adhesive, it is NOT re-usable. 
3. There is a QR code in the box, please scan and view Quick Installation Video before use. Any problem, feel free to contact us, we shall be more than pleased to help you :) 

Package Content: 
1 x Lid 
1 x Lock 
1 x Link 

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